Thursday, March 16, 2017

For Baby Alive Doll Clothes

I have started to sew some clothes for larger Baby Alive doll and I am glad I did cause they are some of my  best sellers on Ebay. I also just listed some of the clothes on Etsy and I hope it does well there too. 

Cinderella dress, how cute, I'm sure little girls would want this for their doll. 

Pink, my daughter's favorite color, I am proud of this dress, it has sparkly flower appliques and about 3 different shades of pink fabric used.

This doll looks so girly in this teal dress, there are 3 rainbow straps on each side. 

This last gown is in brown color but it does not look boring, It has bows on the straps, 2 layers of skirt with the top layer having some embroidery. 

Here is an update from one of the doll crazy sewing lady.

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